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OVER THE YEARS, We as supporters and fan's of Elizmi have helped to get her music and story out to the masses. She thanks you for all your effort and love.


This months news 

HYPNOTISE YA is Elizmi's latest release Came out on the 4th Dec. 2020 what a great reception its had from you all . 

Elizmi is planing to bring out her Debut album next year.

Where I don't care was about days when you just care about Nothing at all, Hypnotise Ya is about confidence. 

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“Once in a while, a track comes along that makes us sit up and take notice. Sometimes it is the uniqueness of the track itself, or the talent that jumps from the file. Sometimes it is simply the “It” factor. “No Fight” by Elizmi Haze has “It”. 

“Elizmi Haze is a talented recording artist, songwriter, and rising star that hails from the United Kingdom.”. -MusicNotez


“Miss Haze is already a singing sensation, fans are literally wooed with her magnificant singing style”. -Soma, Daily music roll





Personal Assistant 

Carey Hayes

management team Vanessa and Daren



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